What to take from your 9-to-5 : Hidden learning experiences

There’s a lot of entrepreneurs out there who ultimately took the plunge because of their discontent or even animosity toward their 9-to-5.  However, disliking your day to day job and claiming that you have nothing to learn from it is very different.  As much as you think that you might not like your job, there are countless hidden learning experiences of what to do and even more times what NOT to do in your own business or your next job.  Here are a few lessons that you should take away:

Waking up to go to work and maintaining that discipline

There are a few people that are severely mistaken on what it means to start your own business.  It’s true you can make your own hours, but more often than not your ‘own hours’ resembles 24/7.  Especially in the early stages it is important to maintain a certain pattern and discipline.  The reasons for this are not only to continue to work on your business, but because it is even more important not to burn out.  Maintaining a sense of order and discipline within your startup work will let you persist for longer stretches of time while potentially keeping a semblance of a personal life! Get up early and try to hit the sack early, your productivity will be boosted and you’ll see remarkable improvements in your work product!

Don’t get stuck in methods or comfortable in ways

Corporations are very good at what they do.  They can preserve status quo and keep a large machine running relatively smoothly. However, what they can’t do is pivot direction quickly.  Startup is to corporation as sports car is to tractor trailer.  There is immense momentum that is generation from pattern repetition, systems and controls.  These can be the death of a startup.  Even when things seem a little bit chaotic that is the power of a startup, embrace the chaos and use it to your advantage to get things done quickly.

Hierarchy is okay, Ideas are better

Startups are born from ideas, perseverance and passion, but not much else.  Startups grow INTO companies that then require different skillets including governance and operations.  You can have a hierarchy in your startup construct, but remember you need great ideas.  You may think you are the founder from which all good ideas flow, but you were the beginning and now you need all the help you can get.  Make sure you stray away from any sort of ‘boss’ concept that we are so used to seeing in a corporation.  It works there, not in a start-up.

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