Vision is the first step – Trusting the team is the rest of the way

Founders often get stuck in their mind that their vision and idea will take them to fortune, fame and riches.  I mean that’s why they pursue the idea to begin with right? But as I’ve said in different posts, the vision (aka your idea and your growth plan) is really the only the beginning.  Once you assemble your co-founders and/or team members the true journey begins and you’ll see the fantastic things that occur when a team comes together.  Before that happens there are a few things that you need to occur.

Pick your team! Don’t ‘hire’ people..

When you are picking your team, don’t be so focused on protecting your idea and the business vision.  Almost guaranteed it will change due to forces out of your control or simple due to the implementation of an idea that will probably improve your business.  So when you are thinking about your team, pick your team.  Approach people you trust and tell them about your idea.  Be excited and don’t be scared they are going to run off and steal your idea.  It may very well happen.  So just don’t tell Mark Zuckerberg… but otherwise just believe that everyone else is fair game.

And also, don’t ‘hire’ people.  Don’t think that you are bringing this person on temporarily to just leverage their expertise.  These are individuals that will have their vision, merge it with yours and help you grow what could be the next big thing.

Setup a system that works – Whether it be hierarchy or communication

This may sound a bit ‘big corporate’ to some , but creating a good foundation is a fantastic way to scale up when you become a big company.  At the end of the day there will be people who are more experienced at certain fields and they should certainly become your ‘leads’ on their various fields.

Also, systematic communication is key… Set up email groups, have specific contact people for certain things.  It will decrease miscommunication and drastically decrease the amount of time that people have to spend just parsing through their emails.  The black hole of inbox time suckage can add up to quite a few hours a day.

Trust your team

Sounds simple enough, but when founders are faced with the well-being of their business, they become an overprotective mama bear (founders, you know you are).  You need to trust your team and everyone that is working with you.  ‘Nuff said.

Your team is working WITH you, not FOR you

It’s a funny differentiating word, but so true and so accurate.  Your team should always be working with you not for you.  Like I said before, set up a system that works, but that doesn’t mean people are necessarily working for you.  It’s just a system.  Everyone on the team should be working with you and freely expressing their thoughts and opinions.  Don’t be scared of getting into heated debates and fights.  (You can curse, just not at the person.  Follow it up with a few drinks)

Empower your team!

I can’t emphasize this enough and it’s predecessor is ‘Trust your team’.  You selected your team for their expertise and because you needed their help, not the other way around.  So please tell me, why you wouldn’t empower them.  Let your team do what they are good at and founders, focus on what you’re good at whether it be coding, drawing or business strategy.

Founders in conclusion and concisely put, become a member of your own team!


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