Last Wednesday, August 7th, I had the privilege and honor of being invited to speak at the United Nations Youth Summit to address young leaders’ concerns on forming their own businesses and creating sustainability while supporting their own operational models.  It was truly an eye opening experience to be in a room full of bright young minds that knew that they wanted to change the world.

In such a fluid and dynamic society, it’s so difficult to stay stagnant and hope that our ramparts will withstand all these elements of change.  It’s critical that we lend our ear to the up and coming leaders by not only empowering them to create and innovate, but also  working WITH them to create sustainable means of fighting social inequality, climate change, poverty or disease.  It’s quite often that the most breakthrough ideas come from those that have very limited expertise and knowledge, but a fresh palette with which to work.

That’s why Return on Change is taking one step in this direction by providing financial empowerment tools to arm our social innovators with the capital and advice they need to propel us to the future that we want to see!


United Nations Youth AssemblyUN Youth SummitUN Youth SummitUN Youth Summit

By Sang Lee


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Sang H. Lee
Sang is the founder and CEO of Return on Change. He's constantly searching to help startups that are looking to change the world! He's a leader in equity crowdfunding and is always happy to help entrepreneurs and startups. He previously worked as an investment banker in the energy field at WestLB and BNP Paribas, accruing a wealth of expertise in financial regulation, business, and financial structuring. Sang is also the Executive Director of CF50, a global think tank of thought leaders within the crowdfunding industry. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.
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