Think Differently and Push the Limits

What a fantastic way to kick off our Return on Change (RoC) blog!

I assume that are you are reading the RoC blog either:

a). You are interested in what we are doing and what we have to say, or

b). Perhaps you may have just stumbled across our path, in which case I would still ask you to hear us out.

The video encapsulates a great message we want to convey and the action we want to inspire and assist.  We firmly believe that the future of both American and global innovation will be in the hands of those that stuck up their hands and said “I have a great idea!”, and we at Return on Change intend on doing everything we can to help these guys bring it from great idea to great business. We are talking about the business that all people involved benefit from, some call it the triple-bottom-line, others the social conscious business.  Whatever you call it, it’s change and we are positioning ourselves to compel that change.

Once startups are able to source advice and raise investments the way the new world of social media has allowed us to, we will see the ushering in of a new age and a changing of the guard from the old corporate immobility to the new transformers.

Support and follow us! Promise you won’t be disappointed by what we deliver! Oh also, sometimes our blog posts may be completely random and interesting so I would suggest you follow us on Twitter (@RoCSpeaks).


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