The new era of CrowdInvesting is near!

CrowdInvesting sounds pretty scary actually.  It’s the investing brother of crowdfunding, which in turn was borne of philanthropic initiatives…

But it quickly became clear that crowdfunding was also a viable alternative to provide start-ups with real sources of capital to get their businesses off the ground! Gathering the force of the ‘crowd’ in order to take smaller chunks to create a whole is an amazing idea!

However, as readers of the blog may have realized…there are unforseen pitfalls and dangers that come across with this.  As with everything, great power comes great responsibility and here the power lies with the crowd and hence the responsibility will also be there. The dangers that were posed in 1934 may not really be applicable today, but there are new dangers abound! Be careful but also be ready to become the forerunner of the next wave of awesome & cutting edge start-ups!


CrowdInvesting is a new platform that will be ripe with dishonest folks that will certainly promise great returns and the next huge business. We trust that in the wide community of crowdinvestors there will exist the cynics of the world which scale the optimism back to a reasonable point and also share this level of scrutiny with all of the other crowdinvestors!


Crowdfunding investments is a huge empowerment tool for start-ups and will certainly play a critical part in accelerating the United States as well as the world into the next age of medical and technological breakthroughs!

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