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Mythbuster: Crowdinvesting Will Attract Less Favorable & VC-Rejected Startups

Photo Credit: Mobi Health News Myth: One of the paramount concerns in the field of crowdinvesting is whether there will be a noticeable depreciation in the quality of investment deals that will be made available once regulations are finalized. Companies that aren’t deemed “VC-worthy” will naturally gravitate to the crowdinvesting marketplace as a last resort, enticing […]

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Mythbuster: Professional Investors Are Not Likely To Utilize Crowdinvesting

In our 2nd week of our Crowdinvesting Mythbusters Series, we address another common myth that professional investors are not likely to use crowdinvesting, or otherwise known as equity crowdfunding. Myth: Professional Investors are not likely to utilize crowdinvesting.   Here’s the Reality: Investment Platforms Should Be a PI’s Best Friend Technology has equipped us with […]

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Mythbuster: Funds Are Not “Smart Money”

Introducing the 1st of our weekly Wednesday series, “Crowdinvesting Mythbuster”. While working in this industry we’ve heard both sides of the story, and we want to tackle the reasons against crowdinvesting and give our rebuttal. Our first post addresses something we’ve heard often in the industry – the criticism that crowdinvested funds are not necessarily “smart […]

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