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Mythbuster: Startups Using Crowdinvesting Are Low-Grade

There are concerns that startups using crowdinvesting will be those that are unable to receive funding from the traditional sources such as angel investors or venture capitalists. It’s a concern that is without merit and neither speaks to nor considers the shortcomings of the existing system for early stage finance.  Additionally, we are assuming that […]

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Mythbuster: It’s Risky for Startups to Share Their Business Details Online

As an investment platform bridging early-stage startups with investors, we’re always in conversations with entrepreneurs and investors. And besides trying to help startups raise capital for their startups, one of the other areas we focus on is education. Just like social media changed the way we interact, crowdinvesting is slowly but surely changing the way […]

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Mythbuster: The Crowd Is Not Sophisticated Enough To Invest in Startups

Photo Credit: iscampbell.net Myth: Crowds are dumb as often as not, or worse. This is our response to point #4 in the HBR blog post, “The Road to Crowdfunding Hell”   The Reality: Here are 2 reasons why the crowd is not as unintelligent as one may assume. (1) The Crowd’s Investments & Selections Are a Proxy for […]

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