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What Oculus’ Buyout Means For Crowdinvesting’s Future

There has been much excitement over the recent acquisition of Oculus VR by Facebook which came almost immediately after the mammoth WhatsApp deal.  The total spending by Facebook is now up to $21 billion in 2014 which is a little shy of the amount invested by all angel investors in the United States for 2013. […]

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Our Crowdfunding Comment Letter to the SEC

Return on Change has spent a significant time of work going through the proposed regulations for Title III and responding to many of the questions that were posed by the SEC.  While the comment period is now closed (last day to submit comments was February 3rd, 2014), we were glad to see so many entrepreneurs, […]

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Mythbuster: Investors Could Lose Money on Poorly Vetted Startups

Photo credit: Before It’s News When the SEC comes out with final rules and regulations on Title III (which allows for equity crowdfunding) sometime in 2014, the general public will be able to invest in private companies, something that’s been banned since the Great Depression in 1929. Soon everyone will have the opportunity to invest […]

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Mythbuster: Startups Will Not Use Crowdinvesting Due To Costs & Complexity

Return on Change is elated by the SEC’s recent approval of proposed crowdinvesting regulations under Title III of the JOBS Act. Crowdinvesting will be a game changer for startups raising capital in the private securities market, opening up a potentially huge source of financing and allowing everyday investors to have a say in what companies […]

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Accreditation Does NOT Equal Sophistication

  This article was written by our CEO & founder, Sang Lee, and was originally posted on Crowdfund Insider. Click here for article.  Recently, there has been a ton of news around the unanimous approval of the proposed regulations for Title III (equity crowdfunding aka crowdinvesting aka regulation crowdfunding). For that reason, as with many […]

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YES! SEC Unanimously Votes in Favor of Title III

At long last, the SEC has voted unanimously in favor of the proposed crowdfunding rules under Title III of the JOBS Act. This is a major development in how companies will be able to raise capital in the private securities market, allowing unaccredited investors (the general public) to invest in startups through online investment portals. […]

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