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How to Choose Between Equity Crowdfunding vs. Donation-Based Crowdfunding

Return on Change answers how to choose between equity crowdfunding and donation crowdfunding.

So your startup is ready to start raising capital but you’re not sure whether equity crowdfunding or donation-based crowdfunding is best for your company. This is a question we often get asked at Return on Change by startups. Both of these methods for raising capital have their pros and cons so let’s take a closer look. Advantages […]

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Let’s Preserve Net Neutrality and Keep the Internet Open

Why should startups care about the issues surrounding net neutrality? We’ve all read about it in the news and have heard politicians supporting both sides of the debate.  As proud members of the startup community, with ties to socially responsible companies, we recognize the importance of an Internet free of barriers. What is net neutrality […]

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Our CEO Speaks at UN Youth Assembly on Social Entrepreneurship

The Youth Assembly at the United Nations held a conference on “Bridging the Gap between Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment” last week on February 5th and 6th at the UN Headquarters. It was a two day conference where youth delegates from all over the world gathered to learn, network and exchange ideas surrounding social innovation, […]

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Interview with Doug Ellenoff- Leading Attorney in Crowdinvesting

Today we bring you a special interview with Douglas Ellenoff- one of the leading experts in the crowdinvesting space. Mr. Ellenoff is a founding member of the Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP law firm and is a corporate and securities attorney.  He has been heavily involved in the conversations with the SEC, entrepreneurs, investors, and […]

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4 Misconceptions on Raising Capital Entrepreneurs Need To Know

raising capital

People that are looking to be entrepreneurs, or even existing business owners, have some common misconceptions around raising capital.  Often time they are on the opposite ends of the spectrum that have little to do with business acumen or the potential to be successful.  It has a lot to do with your own networks, your […]

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Mythbuster: Crowdinvesting Will Attract Less Favorable & VC-Rejected Startups

Photo Credit: Mobi Health News Myth: One of the paramount concerns in the field of crowdinvesting is whether there will be a noticeable depreciation in the quality of investment deals that will be made available once regulations are finalized. Companies that aren’t deemed “VC-worthy” will naturally gravitate to the crowdinvesting marketplace as a last resort, enticing […]

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Impact Investing: Infographic Explains this Growing Industry

During a time when we’ve all been somewhat consumed by the importance of financial returns, it has become increasingly apparent that investing decisions need to be driven by far more than short-term returns on equity calculations. Prevailing principles of conventional investing dictate that the value of a business is contingent on its ability to produce swift […]

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3 Reasons Why Title II Isn’t Bad for Angel Investors

Yet again, even prior to the full implementation of Title II (lifting the ban on general solicitation), there has been alarm and concern within the industry. Even the chairman of the Angel Capital Association has stated that angel investors will flee from startup investing due to the potentially ‘invasive’ tactics that will be required to […]

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Why We Should Invest With Purpose

As children, we were taught to forgo short term gains for much more fulfilling rewards later on. Not eating tons of candy as a child to prevent your entire oral cavity from looking like a tar pit.   Studying now for better grades later. Taking the harder road for a better outcome later. But then […]

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First Time Investors: How Much Do I Invest?!

First Time Investors: How Much Do I Invest?! - Young Cho – RoC Business Development This is a question which we feel will become even more common as the SEC continues to grind out the final rules and regulations for allowing the traditionally defined, “Non-Accredited” investor to begin investing in start-up companies. But the question you […]

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