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Equity Crowdfunding Checklist for Startups (Infographic)

Equity crowdfunding checklist for startups

Many entrepreneurs and startups come to us asking about what they need to get prepared to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign, so we’ve put together a checklist of materials that you should have ready. SEE ALSO: How Equity Crowdfunding Improves Capital Raising for Startups (Infographic) Overall, the infographic below highlights what startups should have ready […]

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How Equity Crowdfunding Improves Capital Raising for Startups (Infographic)

How equity crowdfunding improves capital raising for startups

With the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, the ban on general solicitation for raising capital was lifted, allowing companies and startups to publicly advertise that they are raising capital. Thus, equity crowdfunding became a new medium for startups to connect with investors to raise capital online. While the idea of raising capital online for […]

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Angel Investing: THEN vs. NOW (Infographic)

Angel Investing Old vs. New Infographic

The Internet has been instrumental in the way we behave as consumers, sellers and more. For instance, no longer do we need to physically visit a supermarket for our groceries. We can just order what we’d like online with a click of a button. Angel investing is something that hasn’t really embraced the Internet, until […]

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5 Beginner Tips For Angel Investing

Angel investor: A wealthy individual who provides capital for an early-stage business, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Some angel investors organize themselves into angel groups to share research, pool their investment capital, and provide advice. Have you ever thought about angel investing in startups or early-stage companies? With recent startup IPOs […]

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Ready To Become An Angel Investor? Chart Tells If You Are

angel investor

Crowdinvesting has been identified as one of the top investing/tech trends for 2014 by Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, CNBC, and more. Therefore, we created this investing infographic for those who are considering becoming an angel investor. Although we encourage and want everyone to have the opportunity to make a difference to an aspiring entrepreneur, we here at Return on […]

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8 Stats to Know for Smarter Website & Mobile Design

These days whether you own a storefront, or whether you’re an online B2B, B2C business, everyone owns a website. In today’s world where everyone is so easily connected through the internet, your website can say a lot about you and your company. We put together what we thought were the most interesting 8 facts about […]

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Infographic- Anatomy of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are among the most celebrated people in our culture, but little is known about the backgrounds, experiences and motivations of these innovative company founders. For instance, it is widely assumed that entrepreneurs are young and single, or come from already wealthy family backgrounds, but a recent survey conducted by the Kauffman Foundation surprisingly shows […]

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