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Social Enterprises Get Investment Boost in U.K.

Tax relief social investors in UK

Guest post by Social Enterprise Associates, www.socialenterprise.net, a consulting firm using the power of the marketplace for good. This registered B Corporation helps companies get ‘game ready’ to raise capital and position for success. The firm fosters ‘triple bottom line’ solutions to generate financial, social and environmental returns. Contact Drew Tulchin info@socialenterprise.net. Follow on Twitter at @SocialEntAssoc Impact […]

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4 Reasons Why Impact Entrepreneurship is Important

There’s been a lot of chatter on impact investing as well as corporate social responsibility.  However, only recently has there been an enhanced focus on social entrepreneurship.  Previously, there was certain hesitation around the idea of incorporating for-profit entrepreneurship.  This primarily originated from the misconception that creating societal or environmental impact was mutually exclusive from […]

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The Millennial Opportunity in Impact Investing

Guest post by Ryan Steinbach Millennials are rethinking some of the most prevalent cultural norms in our society. Jobs aren’t just about making ends meet. They are an opportunity for impact. Products don’t just satisfy a need . They endorse a cause or ideal. What this represents to me is a demand for more responsibility in […]

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Recap of RoC’s 1st Impact Investor Night!

Last night we held our first RoC Impact Investor Night! It was a great turnout with amazing guests and sponsors. It truly spoke to our mission of creating a closely knit community of impact investors on the ground. We had over 100 guests who were in attendance and this is only the beginning. We plan on continuing […]

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Impact Investing: Infographic Explains this Growing Industry

During a time when we’ve all been somewhat consumed by the importance of financial returns, it has become increasingly apparent that investing decisions need to be driven by far more than short-term returns on equity calculations. Prevailing principles of conventional investing dictate that the value of a business is contingent on its ability to produce swift […]

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Why We Should Invest With Purpose

As children, we were taught to forgo short term gains for much more fulfilling rewards later on. Not eating tons of candy as a child to prevent your entire oral cavity from looking like a tar pit.   Studying now for better grades later. Taking the harder road for a better outcome later. But then […]

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