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RoC’s Top 13 for ’13: Moments in Crowdfunding

2013 was a really exciting year for crowdfunding and generally for the field of finance.  Here’s a countdown of our personal 13 favorite moments for 2013.   13. Regulations Took the Forefront There were a lot of people that thought the passing of the JOBS Act on April 5th of 2012, heralded in a golden […]

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3 Things to Know About General Solicitation

For some time now, we’ve been rhapsodizing about how general solicitation is going to open up the capital markets and facilitate the fundraising endeavors of entrepreneurs. Lo and behold, on September 23, companies will be able to publicly announce that they’re raising capital through all forms of media — Twitter, Facebook, newspapers, blogs, email communications, […]

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Our Comment Letter to the SEC on General Solicitation

As many of you may know, the SEC has lifted the 80-year-old ban on general solicitation and paved the path towards greater capital accessibility for startup companies. Starting September 23, 2013, entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of this new provision – Rule 506(c), to be specific – and publicly advertise their offerings. For […]

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3 Reasons Why Title II Isn’t Bad for Angel Investors

Yet again, even prior to the full implementation of Title II (lifting the ban on general solicitation), there has been alarm and concern within the industry. Even the chairman of the Angel Capital Association has stated that angel investors will flee from startup investing due to the potentially ‘invasive’ tactics that will be required to […]

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Mark Your Calendars: General Solicitation Final Rule Amendments are Published

Two weeks ago, we celebrated the SEC’s adoption of Title II of the JOBS Act, which lifted the ban on general solicitation and paved the path towards greater capital accessibility for entrepreneurs. Today we report the SEC’s final rule amendments expected to become effective on September 23, 60 days after the Federal Register publication date. […]

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Crowdcheck’s Memo on Regulation D

Amidst the excitement surrounding the SEC’s long-awaited adoption of Title II rules, we thought it would be helpful for all our readers to check out this highly informative analysis released by our good friends at Crowdcheck. Admit it, the open hearing last week wasn’t exactly the most accessible discussion for those unfamiliar with securities law […]

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General Solicitation – Changing the Face of Capital Sourcing

For those of us who were NOT initiated  into the secret world of finance and all its mystery, we will just take a moment to define general solicitation.  Here is the official definition of it: Any advertisement, article, notice or other communication published in any newspaper, magazine, or similar media or broadcast over television and […]

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