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Is Your Venture ‘Game-Ready’ for Funding?

Guest post by Social Enterprise Associates, www.socialenterprise.net, a consulting firm helping companies to get funding ‘game ready’ and positioned for success. The firm fosters ‘triple bottom line’ solutions supporting entrepreneurs, their companies, and industries in which they operate. Contact Drew Tulchin, drew@socialenterprise.net, 202-256-2692 Many companies, particularly start-ups, rush preparation in asking for capital, increasing the […]

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Why Crowdinvesting Will Transform Startup Funding

Crowdfunding has been one of most hotly watched as well as debated topics over the last several years.  A global phenomenon, it was hailed as the entrance of a new age of funding (and now finance) that could potentially bring the world out of its stagnant and post-recessionary state. Currently best known in the realm […]

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Mythbuster: General Public Doesn’t Have the Stomach for Early-Stage Investing

Photo credit: Guerilla Stock Trading  Mythbuster: The general public doesn’t have the stomach for early-stage investing. Startups go through peaks and valleys constantly, and most investors don’t have the experience to know how to deal with this. While this (arguably) works for public companies, startups are far more fragile; backlash from a thousand scared and […]

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