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Interview with Doug Ellenoff- Leading Attorney in Crowdinvesting

Today we bring you a special interview with Douglas Ellenoff- one of the leading experts in the crowdinvesting space. Mr. Ellenoff is a founding member of the Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP law firm and is a corporate and securities attorney.  He has been heavily involved in the conversations with the SEC, entrepreneurs, investors, and […]

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Mythbuster: Companies Using Crowdinvesting Won’t Have Chance to Receive Guidance From Seasoned Angel Investors

In finance, we often talk about the difference between a strategic and a financial investor. The difference between the two is exactly how it sounds – a strategic investor is one that has similar motivations and goals as the company seeking investments, while a financial investor is motivated by simply making returns through the future […]

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3 Dangers TO Democratizing Startup Finance

Most folks will have noticed that the title of the blog post is not ’3 Dangers OF Democratizing Finance’, but rather ’3 Dangers TO Democratizing Finance’.  The latter category in my opinion is far more dangerous than the risks that are associated with the democratization of finance.  We as an industry, and most other rational […]

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How much money should startups raise using crowdfunding

As the new wave of crowdfunding knowledge and momentum has been picking up throughout the startup community, a common question asked is, “how much money should I be asking for?” or “can I end up raising more than I requested like those crazy projects on kickstarter”? First and foremost it is important to recognize the […]

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Finance for Start-Ups 101 (Part 2)

The last posting, we left off pretty light at equity, debt and capitalization.  I think of these as the foundations of concepts that effectively shape the overall argument of return and finance as a whole.  To continue on that thread…..: Return on Equity This is a concept that often confuses new business owners or individuals […]

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