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What If You Were A Crowdinvestor In WhatsApp?

There has been so much news about the WhatsApp purchase by Facebook for $19 Billion dollars.  It’s an enormous amount of capital and amounts to the second biggest tech purchase of all time. Prior to that Instagram got much attention as well, but we’re very interested in showing you what would have happened to your […]

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5 Misconceptions About Social Media

In today’s world a company’s social media plan can be found in nearly all marketing decks. First with Facebook’s IPO in 2012 and now with Twitter’s recent IPO, there’s no denying that social media is an important factor for success in this current day and age. But did you know that you may not be […]

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Remember the Techitans – Embrace the future with Crowdfunding

I remember when there was still a time that tech IPOs were not that popular.  In fact, tech startups were still up and coming and Google was a new phenomenon which had yet to catch on.  How’s a search engine going to survive without ads on the main page? What’s gmail and why do I […]

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