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Equity Crowdfunding Checklist for Startups (Infographic)

Equity crowdfunding checklist for startups

Many entrepreneurs and startups come to us asking about what they need to get prepared to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign, so we’ve put together a checklist of materials that you should have ready. SEE ALSO: How Equity Crowdfunding Improves Capital Raising for Startups (Infographic) Overall, the infographic below highlights what startups should have ready […]

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Why Startups Need an Initial Investment to Get the Ball Rolling

Within the nascent equity crowdfunding space we have seen some clear patterns when it comes to funding trends.  Crowdfunding is brand new.  Equity crowdfunding is even newer – the SEC guidelines aren’t even finalized yet! Investors that can participate in private offerings through crowdfunding are going to be extra risk averse when it comes to […]

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How Equity Crowdfunding Improves Capital Raising for Startups (Infographic)

How equity crowdfunding improves capital raising for startups

With the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, the ban on general solicitation for raising capital was lifted, allowing companies and startups to publicly advertise that they are raising capital. Thus, equity crowdfunding became a new medium for startups to connect with investors to raise capital online. While the idea of raising capital online for […]

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How to Choose Between Equity Crowdfunding vs. Donation-Based Crowdfunding

Return on Change answers how to choose between equity crowdfunding and donation crowdfunding.

So your startup is ready to start raising capital but you’re not sure whether equity crowdfunding or donation-based crowdfunding is best for your company. This is a question we often get asked at Return on Change by startups. Both of these methods for raising capital have their pros and cons so let’s take a closer look. Advantages […]

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Let’s Preserve Net Neutrality and Keep the Internet Open

Why should startups care about the issues surrounding net neutrality? We’ve all read about it in the news and have heard politicians supporting both sides of the debate.  As proud members of the startup community, with ties to socially responsible companies, we recognize the importance of an Internet free of barriers. What is net neutrality […]

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5 Keys to Equity Crowdfunding Success

keys to equity crowdfunding success

  Even for individuals that are not in the industry, it’s really hard to even go a few hours, let alone a whole day, without seeing a headline referring to crowdfunding. A highly popular and new form of fundraising, crowdfunding is changing the landscape of entrepreneurship and business. After the passing of the JOBS Act […]

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Online Solar Marketplace Raises $1 Million on Return on Change Using Equity Crowdfunding

Geostellar Raises $1 Million Crowdfunding on Return on Change

We’re excited to share that Geostellar, a leading online solar rooftop marketplace successfully raised $1 million round of funding on Return on Change. Congrats to the company and their entire team! This is a testament to crowdinvesting’s potential and using the Internet to more efficiently connect entrepreneurs and investors. As the ecosystem continues to grow and […]

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You’re Invited: Learn How Startups Can Raise Capital With Crowdfunding on 3/13


We’ve partnered up with Crowdfund Insider to host an event with two of the leading legal experts on the JOBS Act and have all of your questions answered regarding crowdfunding and how you may be able to raise funds for your company. Securities law can be more than a bit drab, but we promise to make this […]

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Mythbuster: It’s Less Work for Startups to Raise Capital with Crowdinvesting

 Photo Credit: CFO Wise Traditional methods of raising capital are antiquated, inefficient, and extremely time consuming. On average it will take an entrepreneur anywhere from 3 – 6 months to close a funding round. But with capital raising and investing now available online (via crowdinvesting), everything should be faster and easier right? No more scouring […]

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Mythbuster: Companies Using Crowdinvesting Won’t Have Chance to Receive Guidance From Seasoned Angel Investors

In finance, we often talk about the difference between a strategic and a financial investor. The difference between the two is exactly how it sounds – a strategic investor is one that has similar motivations and goals as the company seeking investments, while a financial investor is motivated by simply making returns through the future […]

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