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6 Things Investors Look For In a Startup (Infographic)

6 Things Investors Look For in a Startup Infographic

Many entrepreneurs and startups ask us, “What do investors look for in a startup?”, and while in the past we’ve discussed the various types of startup capital and sources of startup capital, we thought we would take the time to outline the factors that many investors look for in a startup. While there are different […]

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How Entrepreneurs Can Choose Appropriate Sources of Capital

How to choose appropriate sources of capital

Guest post by Social Enterprise Associates, a consulting firm using the power of the marketplace for good. This registered B Corporation helps companies get ‘game ready’ to raise capital and position for success. The firm fosters ‘triple bottom line’ solutions to generate financial, social and environmental returns. Contact Drew Tulchin, drew@socialenterprise.net, 202-256-2692. Follow them at @SocialEntAssoc Note: the following […]

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4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Figure Out How Much Capital To Raise

Many startup founders are really good at starting their business models and working with others to get beyond the prototype phase.  They even have great investor connections and networking skills to take their business to the next level.  However, often they get stuck in figuring out how much capital they need to raise.  This article […]

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Interview with Doug Ellenoff- Leading Attorney in Crowdinvesting

Today we bring you a special interview with Douglas Ellenoff- one of the leading experts in the crowdinvesting space. Mr. Ellenoff is a founding member of the Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP law firm and is a corporate and securities attorney.  He has been heavily involved in the conversations with the SEC, entrepreneurs, investors, and […]

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Four Sources of Startup Capital for Entrepreneurs

Previously, we went over the different types of startup capital and determining which one is most appropriate for your business in its current stage of growth. For those of you in need of a capital infusion to jumpstart your business, we’ve compiled a brief overview of traditional and emerging funding sources. Here are four sources […]

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Entrepreneurs- Have You Considered Direct Public Offerings To Raise Capital?

Guest post by Social Enterprise Associates, led by Leigh Mathews with Jenny Kassan of Cutting Edge Capital. Many entrepreneurs, even those gaining traction through sales, can get stuck in a holding pattern, wanting to grow their business but lacking sufficient cash flow to get ahead. Many are challenged to go outside the company for capital […]

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4 Misconceptions on Raising Capital Entrepreneurs Need To Know

raising capital

People that are looking to be entrepreneurs, or even existing business owners, have some common misconceptions around raising capital.  Often time they are on the opposite ends of the spectrum that have little to do with business acumen or the potential to be successful.  It has a lot to do with your own networks, your […]

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RoC’s Top 13 for ’13: Moments in Crowdfunding

2013 was a really exciting year for crowdfunding and generally for the field of finance.  Here’s a countdown of our personal 13 favorite moments for 2013.   13. Regulations Took the Forefront There were a lot of people that thought the passing of the JOBS Act on April 5th of 2012, heralded in a golden […]

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5 Types of Startup Capital

  Photo Credit: Small Business Support Whether it’s to pay employee salaries or to fund product development, there’s no denying that entrepreneurs need capital to cover the costs associated with operating a startup. If you’re someone who’s thinking about launching a business for the first time, navigating the maze of funding options out there can […]

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Mythbuster: It’s Less Work for Startups to Raise Capital with Crowdinvesting

 Photo Credit: CFO Wise Traditional methods of raising capital are antiquated, inefficient, and extremely time consuming. On average it will take an entrepreneur anywhere from 3 – 6 months to close a funding round. But with capital raising and investing now available online (via crowdinvesting), everything should be faster and easier right? No more scouring […]

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