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5 Beginner Tips For Angel Investing

Angel investor: A wealthy individual who provides capital for an early-stage business, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Some angel investors organize themselves into angel groups to share research, pool their investment capital, and provide advice. Have you ever thought about angel investing in startups or early-stage companies? With recent startup IPOs […]

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Mythbuster: Equity Crowdfunding Will Only Work For Early Stage Companies

Due to the recent release of the proposed regulations and clarity on the total amounts that are permitted under the equity crowdfunding or crowdinvesting exemption ($1.0 MM per year), there has been much conjecture and speculation that equity crowdfunding will only be viable for early stage companies and startups.  However, there are many reasons that […]

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Mythbuster: Startups Using Crowdinvesting Are Low-Grade

There are concerns that startups using crowdinvesting will be those that are unable to receive funding from the traditional sources such as angel investors or venture capitalists. It’s a concern that is without merit and neither speaks to nor considers the shortcomings of the existing system for early stage finance.  Additionally, we are assuming that […]

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