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Angel Investing: THEN vs. NOW (Infographic)

Angel Investing Old vs. New Infographic

The Internet has been instrumental in the way we behave as consumers, sellers and more. For instance, no longer do we need to physically visit a supermarket for our groceries. We can just order what we’d like online with a click of a button. Angel investing is something that hasn’t really embraced the Internet, until […]

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Ready To Become An Angel Investor? Chart Tells If You Are

angel investor

Crowdinvesting has been identified as one of the top investing/tech trends for 2014 by Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, CNBC, and more. Therefore, we created this investing infographic for those who are considering becoming an angel investor. Although we encourage and want everyone to have the opportunity to make a difference to an aspiring entrepreneur, we here at Return on […]

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Mythbuster: Investors Could Lose Money on Poorly Vetted Startups

Photo credit: Before It’s News When the SEC comes out with final rules and regulations on Title III (which allows for equity crowdfunding) sometime in 2014, the general public will be able to invest in private companies, something that’s been banned since the Great Depression in 1929. Soon everyone will have the opportunity to invest […]

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Mythbuster: Crowdinvesting Will Invite & Encourage Fraud

Myth: Crowdinvesting will invite and encourage fraud. Reality: Fraud and more specifically investment fraud existed way before crowdinvesting became a hot topic of discussion. Unfortunately, it will continue to exist. There are regulations in place to protect investors, both the sophisticated and unsophisticated investors alike, yet it’s not always so easy to avoid investment fraud. […]

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