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Suntek LP- Improving Efficiency in Windows with CloudGel

Day Chahroudi is the founder of Suntek LP and the inventor of Cloud Gel, a material that lets skylights automatically control sunlight. By admitting solar heat when the temperature is cool and turning white to reflect heat when the building warms up, Cloud Gel helps prevent excess solar gain and lowers cooling costs. Chahroudi was […]

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Online Solar Marketplace Raises $1 Million on Return on Change Using Equity Crowdfunding

Geostellar Raises $1 Million Crowdfunding on Return on Change

We’re excited to share that Geostellar, a leading online solar rooftop marketplace successfully raised $1 million round of funding on Return on Change. Congrats to the company and their entire team!┬áThis is a testament to crowdinvesting’s potential and using the Internet to more efficiently connect entrepreneurs and investors. As the ecosystem continues to grow and […]

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This VDay, Love What Matters. Why We Love Businesses In These 5 Industries

Happy Valentine’s Day! While it’s usually a day when chocolates and flowers are exchanged, we took this time to share what we love here at Return on Change. You might have seen some of our “Love What Matters” ad campaigns shared on our Twitter and Facebook all throughout the week. If you haven’t, below are […]

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RoC wants to Change the World!

We have received some inquiries into why Return on Change is focusing on specific types of startups. ┬áNamely: High Tech/ Web Tech CleanTech BioTech Social Ventures The answer simplified can be summarized into two reasons: RoC is focused on helping startups that will change the world All entrepreneurship and startups are important and will potentially […]

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