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Why Startups Need an Initial Investment to Get the Ball Rolling

Within the nascent equity crowdfunding space we have seen some clear patterns when it comes to funding trends.  Crowdfunding is brand new.  Equity crowdfunding is even newer – the SEC guidelines aren’t even finalized yet! Investors that can participate in private offerings through crowdfunding are going to be extra risk averse when it comes to […]

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How Equity Crowdfunding Improves Capital Raising for Startups (Infographic)

How equity crowdfunding improves capital raising for startups

With the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, the ban on general solicitation for raising capital was lifted, allowing companies and startups to publicly advertise that they are raising capital. Thus, equity crowdfunding became a new medium for startups to connect with investors to raise capital online. While the idea of raising capital online for […]

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What If You Were A Crowdinvestor In WhatsApp?

There has been so much news about the WhatsApp purchase by Facebook for $19 Billion dollars.  It’s an enormous amount of capital and amounts to the second biggest tech purchase of all time. Prior to that Instagram got much attention as well, but we’re very interested in showing you what would have happened to your […]

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4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Figure Out How Much Capital To Raise

Many startup founders are really good at starting their business models and working with others to get beyond the prototype phase.  They even have great investor connections and networking skills to take their business to the next level.  However, often they get stuck in figuring out how much capital they need to raise.  This article […]

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4 Misconceptions on Raising Capital Entrepreneurs Need To Know

raising capital

People that are looking to be entrepreneurs, or even existing business owners, have some common misconceptions around raising capital.  Often time they are on the opposite ends of the spectrum that have little to do with business acumen or the potential to be successful.  It has a lot to do with your own networks, your […]

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Mythbuster: It’s Less Work for Startups to Raise Capital with Crowdinvesting

 Photo Credit: CFO Wise Traditional methods of raising capital are antiquated, inefficient, and extremely time consuming. On average it will take an entrepreneur anywhere from 3 – 6 months to close a funding round. But with capital raising and investing now available online (via crowdinvesting), everything should be faster and easier right? No more scouring […]

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Mythbuster: It’s Risky for Startups to Share Their Business Details Online

As an investment platform bridging early-stage startups with investors, we’re always in conversations with entrepreneurs and investors. And besides trying to help startups raise capital for their startups, one of the other areas we focus on is education. Just like social media changed the way we interact, crowdinvesting is slowly but surely changing the way […]

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3 Reasons Why We’re Going to Raise Money on Our Own Site

We’ve received a few raised eyebrows and question marks when we went out into the world and told everyone that Return on Change was raising capital on its own platform. Yes, we are raising money on our own site. As such, it seemed only appropriate to clarify our intent as well as explain why this […]

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3 Things to Know About General Solicitation

For some time now, we’ve been rhapsodizing about how general solicitation is going to open up the capital markets and facilitate the fundraising endeavors of entrepreneurs. Lo and behold, on September 23, companies will be able to publicly announce that they’re raising capital through all forms of media — Twitter, Facebook, newspapers, blogs, email communications, […]

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