We thought it was time to take a second and think about all the amazing things that happened in 2012 as we enter into 2013!

Let’s go through the rundown of 12 things that changed the way we view the world and most certainly how we coexist in it.

12. Instagram Became a Cultural Phenomenon and Was Purchased by Facebook for $1.0 Bn

This was the epitome of frivolousness with arguably destructive value taking over the mobile scene.  The obscenely high valuation and lack of any infrastructure or ingenuity spoke widely to where society was headed.  Enough cynicism, however.  Great kudos to the founders of Instagram!

11. Facebook IPO at a $100.0 Bn Valuation

$100 Bn valuation.  I think that in and of itself speaks volumes. To those of us early adopters, what became a way to link up with friends turned into a global giant with its code embedded into our everyday lives.  Now it’s really time to innovate.  Anyone ready to take on Facebook?

10. South Korea Votes in a Female President (who was a dictator’s daughter)

Still probably construed as one of the most chauvinistic nations on the planet, South Korea went ahead and elected a female president this year. Should be a celebration for the country moving forward….but she’s also the daughter of an infamous dictator that mars a big chunk of South Korean history.  One step forward, ten steps back?

9. Whitney Houston’s Death Hits Twitter

One of the founding divas passed this year with this occurrence hitting Twitter almost instantaneously.  One of the testaments to the power of Twitter!

8. KONY 2012 Wastes Everyone’s Time

To be honest I would rather not even speak about this, but nevertheless, this could have been a good cause if done properly.

7. Eurozone Crisis

The Eurozone faced an unprecedented crisis as people slowly came to realize that a common currency without a common goal was not the best of ideas.  Neither was not paying taxes, but who’s counting?

6. Mitt Romney Was a US Presidential Candidate

A gentleman who wouldn’t know the meaning of social government if it hit him in the face was a US Presidential Candidate – even after we saw him using Benjamins as a pocket square.

5. Linsanity Grips Our Attention

The Asian phenomenon Jeremy Lin gripped our attention with an unprecedented number of wins leading what was an ailing NYK! Then they gave him up.

4. President Obama Supports Safe-Sex Marriage

This is a friendly place unsuitable for discussion of this topic, but nevertheless an unprecedented event within the United States.

3. Hurricane Sandy

Sandy wasn’t happy constantly being compared to the pale Irene, and thus let her wrath be known.  A weather phenomenon in the Northeast leaving families devastated.

2. Man Breaks Sound Barrier (w/o a vehicle)

As a physics nerd this was pretty cool for me, maybe not as much for others.  Really shows how far we have come in terms of pushing our limits.  Hopefully the jump didn’t have any long term impact on him.

1. Obama Signs the JOBS Act into Law

Come on, did you really expect any different?  In an unprecedented move by Congress, the JOBS Act was passed with nearly unanimous consent to allow for easier capital formation for small businesses and startups to thrive and grow.  For the first time, we can now focus on a sustainable future instead of ridiculous stock ratios.  Are you ready for what equity crowdfunding holds for 2013?


The entire RoC team is excited going into 2013 and we are even more excited to help startups raise capital in the coming year.  While there were some disappointments with delays and regulatory lackluster, 2013 most certainly holds endless potential for startup growth.

Are you ready to change the world in 2013?

By Sang Lee


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Sang H. Lee
Sang is the founder and CEO of Return on Change. He's constantly searching to help startups that are looking to change the world! He's a leader in equity crowdfunding and is always happy to help entrepreneurs and startups. He previously worked as an investment banker in the energy field at WestLB and BNP Paribas, accruing a wealth of expertise in financial regulation, business, and financial structuring. Sang is also the Executive Director of CF50, a global think tank of thought leaders within the crowdfunding industry. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.
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