Keeping your day job….

I need to probably caveat this entry by saying, this is not for the weak of heart nor is it for those people who absolutely love their job and their goal in life since youth has been to climb the ever elusive corporate ladder. For those people, I warn you, but I encourage you to read on. But don’t be mad at me when you’re finished reading…

We have been told, for the most part, that obtaining a well paying well respected job was always the way to go. This is only really aimed at those like me without so much as a creative cell in their body. If you were the lucky few who do, then I certainly hope that you chose a path of creation and creativity for those unfortunate like me to lie vicariously through your beautiful mind. Anyway….

We ran a survey recently and most of us are working because we need the paycheck. This is not knocking the concept of working for money as I do the same thing, but conceptually how sad is that? The majority of society is forced to spend their life working to live, without having any specific predilection or love for the task…. Think about this…

Average American works approximately 8 hours every weekday. However, there are some who work weekends as well so let’s be conservative and up the number to 9 hours over 5 days.

That’s 45 hours a week.

52 weeks in a year.

That’s 2,340 hours spent at your workplace without the consideration of vacation days taken.

2,340 hours a year…

We are supposed to work to live. I agree with that, but have we turned into a people that are now living to work? This is only aimed at people who don’t fully appreciate their day job. Maybe it’s not that your a non-appreciative person, but maybe you were meant to do something a bit greater than just yourself.

As it is is our responsibility to live up to the regulations and expectations of a corporation, is it also not our duty to attempt to use our own skill sets in the best way we can to create a better society for everyone to live in?

I call out to the thinkers, the doers, and the dreamers. Stop thinking and go do something about it, you’ll be surprised how much power one person has..


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  1. Guido 07/04/2012 at 12:45 pm #

    Good post as usual, David. Tobias Buckell and Tim Pratt are two writers I’ve seen rentcely who have effectively used Kickstarter, offering interesting pledge incentives. It’s a great model.I still see nothing wrong with actually doing the work first and then hoping for fair compensation, since that is the way much of the real world works, but if it helps supporters feel like a part of the project, that’s wonderful. For the record, an advance is not really an advantage at all in traditional publishing unless you are already a well-established star or a new bonus baby. Most advances are broken into thirds (upon signing, delivery of manuscript, and publication). Therefore, self-pub writers will probably earn the equivalent of their advance before any of their advance would have arrived, anyway, and since advance payments are notoriously late, the portion of the advance paid after publication might not arrive for maybe 15 months after you finish the book and turn it in. The advance is not even a real advantage for traditional publishing anymore because the advance is still slower than getting monthly payments beginning in 31 to 60 days.

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