Instagram was an outlier

Everyone has written about this and we will continue to speak about it for the near future, but RoC also thought it was appropriate to provide its two cents to the dialogue.

As everyone has already said time and time again,

Instagram was an outlier!!!!

  • 551 day, $1.0 Bn exit, on an app…

Instagram falls all the way to the right – like +6 SD, for those who care

I know the story sounds really great and I think it’s amazing and a testament to the ability to get this app out to the public.

Start-up is generally a LOT more hard work that takes WAY longer.  But that’s why you have RoC as your buddy.

Look to it and dream about it, reach for it and work for it.  What you SHOULDN’T is startup thinking that’s going to be your story.



RoC signing out for the night.


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