During a time when we’ve all been somewhat consumed by the importance of financial returns, it has become increasingly apparent that investing decisions need to be driven by far more than short-term returns on equity calculations.┬áPrevailing principles of conventional investing dictate that the value of a business is contingent on its ability to produce swift financial gains. We need to adjust the guidelines with which we make our investment decisions and promote the merits of impact investing – a practice that requires us to see beyond short-term gains in favor of sustainable, systematic change. In the end, we need to take it upon ourselves to stimulate growth and progress by investing with purpose rather than myopic goals in mind.

For those unfamiliar with this category of investing, we’ve put together an infographic that highlights the impact investing industry, its current and foreseeable growth, and its various successes in recent years. We suggest you click on the infographic to see it in full resolution.

impact investing infographic


And don’t forget that we’re hosting our 1st Impact Investor Night on Thursday, September 5th! Join fellow impact investors for a night of networking as we’ll have a guest speaker who’ll share their insights on this industry. Visit the below link for more information and tickets.



By Sang Lee




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Sang H. Lee
Sang is the founder and CEO of Return on Change. He's constantly searching to help startups that are looking to change the world! He's a leader in equity crowdfunding and is always happy to help entrepreneurs and startups. He previously worked as an investment banker in the energy field at WestLB and BNP Paribas, accruing a wealth of expertise in financial regulation, business, and financial structuring. Sang is also the Executive Director of CF50, a global think tank of thought leaders within the crowdfunding industry. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.
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