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With the recent rise of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise, individuals have been afforded the opportunity to make a profound social impact on the world. Ron Livingston, CEO and founder of HelpChipIn is actively working to improve the fundraising procedure for charities and nonprofits. HelpChipIn, located in the Centre of Social Innovation in Chelsea, NY is a cause marketing company that unites small businesses with nonprofit organizations with the goal to create a nationwide cause marketing campaign.

Mr. Livingston, having previously worked in the philanthropic sector, saw the inefficiencies of the fundraising process and wanted to create an improved fundraising model. Too often, organizations were being bogged down by the time consuming fundraising process and would lose focus of their primary mission. He also felt that people were actively looking to donate, volunteer and give back, but lacked the structured vehicles to do so. He wanted to create a model that focused on mission rather than fundraising.

HelpChipIn’s solution will leverage the collective power of the masses and make fundraising simple and effective. Its flagship program, “Direct Your Donation” allows consumers to make small donations at their local businesses that go directly to his or her favorite charity or nonprofit. Consumers will have the opportunity to donate their change at the point of purchase at affiliated small businesses. This program will effectively increase the frequency of donations and the total donations received. Although the change received from a single purchase may seem minute, the compounding effect will be major. For example, in America there are 2 billion cups of coffee sold weekly. If every person were to donate one dime for each purchased cup of coffee, a remarkable $200 million would be raised in just a week on just coffee purchases alone.

If you are actively thinking about how you can give back check out HelpChipIn at

By Sang Lee


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Sang H. Lee
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