Founders – Stay focused and vigilant

This posting is probably written as much to myself as it to those reading this entry.  As a start-up founder it is so easy to want do more than you had initially set out to do.  This isn’t a bad development, but it will most certainly distract you at the very least and at worst confuse your team and yourself from the initial vision.

Flexibility and the ability to pivot around your idea is critical in business success, but this is different from staying focused.  Write your vision and/or mission statement down with a clear plan on certain success points that you think will be adequate milestones to gauge your success.

If your idea is an ecommerce site, don’t try to evolve it into a software company.  You might be able to change your business model as such, but this is not really appropriate at the same moment that you had your idea for an commerce site.  Recently I just read that (I am guilty of a few of these throughout my life as well) the reasons that many entrepreneurs never get off the ground are:

  • fear
  • lack of drive
  • distraction from everyday life
  • and most importantly, too many ideas

Many people ask why having too many ideas is a bad thing.  On the surface it seems like a good issue to have, but the problem is that the majority of people cannot function like computers. We can’t have equal computing power and endless concentration that is split pro-rata amongst all of our ideas.  This is why the most successful entrepreneurs have a single idea that they work on any given time.  Serial entrepreneur does not imply concurrently (at least typically) it means back to back!

So get off your couch and do something beyond your 9-to-5! You have ideas too, now time for you being them to life.



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