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Nothing heralds the end of the year better than the sudden appearance of “best of” lists: music, memes, gadgets, gifts. If it exists, it is listed.

So, to ring in 2014, we at Social Enterprise Associates compiled a list of… lists! We’ve scoured the web for the best advice (in list form) for crowdfunders to understand how to best approach and use crowdfunding platforms for your capital needs and operational activities.


1. Eight Challenges You Could Face Crowdfunding Your Next Project

Straight from the mouths of entrepreneurs, compiled by the prolific and knowledgeable Scott Gerber, we like this list as it goes beyond typical investor engagement to include mentions of life after crowdfunding and donor fulfillment (What we learned from Ouya).

2. Crowdfunding Weekend Toolkit

This eye-pleasing site is full of attractive examples of successful campaign elements as well as a toolkit of online resources, best practices, and free editing tools. If crowdfunding campaigns were your first apartment, these are the tools you realized you needed after moving in.

3. Guarantee Crowdfunding Success: A Must Do List

While the lists of crowdfunding tips are seemingly endless, this one posted by Crowdfund Insider gives a fresh take on successful positioning, like securing 30% of your project goal before you launch your campaign to take advantage of herd effects.

4. Four Famous Crowdfunding Fails

Not everyone wins at crowdfunding, and some failures are more spectacular than others. For your voyeuristic pleasure, Entrepreneur compiled 4 famous failures to show fame does not always equal fortune in the crowd.

5. Top Ten Reasons Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail (and What Can Bring Them Back)

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the basics when you are working to grow (while under budget and facing deadlines). This practical list from the Huff Post Blog is solid as a reference reminder.

6. 10 Social Media Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Social media and crowdfunding campaigns go hand in hand. But, not all tweets are created equal. These ten tips by social media consultant Julie Keck might not be what you want to hear, but are what you need to know.

7. How to Make a Great Crowdfunding Video (For Beginners)

Your campaign video is that all-important first impression to your backers. It needs to get strangers to understand you, your vision and your product / service. It has to be good. Like, really good.


Geared for beginners, but with enough meat to interest the experienced, this videographer’s list enables you to craft a video like a pro.


8. Social Entrepreneurship Tips from Annie’s, Patagonia and Fund Good Jobs
These companies were around before anyone even put together the words “social” and “entrepreneurship.” Back to the Roots founders glean foundational lessons in this editorial.

9. How To Be Productive (Infographic)

Everyone loves a good infographic. This one from Funders and Founders offers 35 efficiency mantras. Just darn good advice no matter who you are. (Author’s note: I personally disagree that deciding what to wear is a trivial decision.)

10. Winners

Listed here for your inspiration:

Entrepreneur’s Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies

Fox Business’s Top 10 Crowdfunded Companies in 2013


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Claire Williams
Claire Williams, Associate, works with Social Enterprise Associates from Houston, Texas. She recently completed her MBA from University of Oregon's Lundquist College of Business. Her professional background includes non-profit management, marketing strategy, event planning and fundraising, and writing and editing.
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