Being an entrepreneur is completely irrational and crazy….

So you have probably heard it before… “making a startup is so risky!” “why would you want to leave your cushy nice paying job?”

So why do people do it anyway and what sets those people apart from the rest.. I mean basically if you put it in the most animalistic terms, becoming an entrepreneur is like a wolf running away from a pack purporting that they can survive alone temporarily and then will proceed to make their own wolf pack….

This feedback comes from the exact same people who are trying to preserve the integrity of the pack, the delicate fabric that we have all come to love in health insurance, steady paychecks and fancy business trips, for those who have had the privilege of engaging in such behavior. I’m completelyyy fine with that…

But what happens when a system is broken or on its way there? The healing process is an awfully painful one but it has to be undertaken by the few people that are brave and in some circles crazy enough to do it.

To list out the characteristics that I think make great entrepreneurs?

- a gargantuan ego: not a cocky asshole, but in their own mind they KNOW they can do it and it’s damn near impossible to convince them otherwise.

- great network of friends who are eager to tell them they are wrong: how can you develop anything good without critique and criticism? Makes sense in your head, but you’re not going to be only person using your product or service.

- balance sheet and access to capital: a nice to have that has been debated on whether it’s helpful or not. I think a certain amount of capital is required to create the foundation for a successful startup.

- unyielding perseverance: nothing should deter you from your goals and you should never wake up in the morning not thinking about it. Bathroom, pantry, at the gym, in your dreams should all be brainstorming sessions.

- great idea? – everyone seems to say that you need a great idea…. Why the heck would you even thinking about making a startup if you didn’t think it was a great idea?? It’s a moot point that should always be present and not a characteristic of success…

- mild insanity: insanity is defined as the state of not sound mind, mentally deranged and irrational. That sounds a lot like the founder of a startup that leaves his high flying job because he wants to ‘create’ something and put everything he has worked for on the line including reputation and fortune. Sound insane to you? Or the young jobs who claimed he would change the world with technology when he found apple in the 70s. The 70s!!! Freaking insane… Right? After having written the description, I redact my mild.

So having read this… Are you the next entrepreneur??


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