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Five “Easy” Pieces…. to a Startup

That’s right…..”easy” – RoC CFO, Doug Smith shares some advice on the 5 pieces NEEDED for Startup life.   1. Of significant importance, support (ESPECIALLY spousal support), is essential to beginning your own business. Believe it or not, you are going  to be married to your new business and you better be sure your significant other […]

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For MBA’s Looking Into Starting Startups, Openness is the Key to Company Culture

- Juliana Davies writes for,, an online MBA resource dedicated to offering information and advice about enrolling in an MBA program. In today’s post, Juliana explores why start up organizations should rely on openness and communication to create a company culture that promotes employee contentment and in turn, company productivity and profit. Here, Juliana […]

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Crowdfunding Innovator Return on Change Announces Startup Contest Winners

Names Maya Mountain Cacao, Sentimed Medical and Thankster “High Impact Startups” NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – Aug 29, 2012) – Crowdfunding innovator Return on Change (RoC) today announced the winners of its startup contest. The judges selected Maya Mountain Cacao, Sentimed Medical Corporation and Thankster as the winners representing high impact startups from RoC’s categories of Social […]

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RoC Startup Series – 4 of 5

We left the RoC Startup Series off that the writing of the business plan.  Some people disagree with me on this point.  Execute first and the rest kind of falls into place.  This isn’t entirely wrong either, but there are very few of us that can stay focused enough when we are excited about a […]

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Remember the Techitans – Embrace the future with Crowdfunding

I remember when there was still a time that tech IPOs were not that popular.  In fact, tech startups were still up and coming and Google was a new phenomenon which had yet to catch on.  How’s a search engine going to survive without ads on the main page? What’s gmail and why do I […]

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RoC Startup Series – 3 of 5

So now you’ve hashed out the idea, thought through it and maybe you even received some meaningful feedback.  You have your ideas in better shape now and you’re ready to start running full speed ahead, but what are the critical steps for proper execution? Identifying the Right Team I can’t tell people how important this […]

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Crowdfunding – New Opportunities, New Risks

Wine Reception and Discussion Start up investing is no longer limited to VC and wealthy angels. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012 is making it possible for nearly anyone to become an investor and for companies to seek funding from virtually anyone. Now, you can get in at the ground floor. But […]

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First Time Investors: How Much Do I Invest?!

First Time Investors: How Much Do I Invest?! - Young Cho – RoC Business Development This is a question which we feel will become even more common as the SEC continues to grind out the final rules and regulations for allowing the traditionally defined, “Non-Accredited” investor to begin investing in start-up companies. But the question you […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Raise Money through Crowdfunding

RoC’s Top 5 Reasons to Raise Money through Crowdfunding! – @RoCBans 1. CF: It’s easy! (And…might I add, RoC makes it EASIER!) Crowdfunding, in all its glory, is partially based on making the capital raising process simpler. In the entrepreneurial world, there are billions of ideas, millions of good ones, thousands of really good ones, […]

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RoC Startup Series – 2 of 5

So in the previous entry we talked about the fact that talk is cheap and ideas are created in multitudes not only in your head.  What differentiates you from the person with the IPO is that he/she acted on the idea and you… well you talked about it with your friend at a bar. So […]

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