Elevator Pitch

Geostellar is a marketplace for solar energy installation and financing.




Geostellar is America’s first and largest online solar marketplace, helping homeowners secure the best deal on solar energy by comparing and tailoring a variety of installation and financing plans. Through advanced simulations on an intuitive social platform, Geostellar lowers the cost of solar, making it more competitive with conventional electricity. The result is more accessible, affordable and plentiful clean solar power for America.

Homeowners enter an address and the average cost of their monthly electricity bills, then Geostellar’s advanced “Big Data Geomatics” technology presents a clear comparison of the benefits and costs of solar leases, loans and cash purchases.

Customer Problem

For homeowners, Geostellar significantly reduces the cost of solar energy and makes it easier to go solar. Solar energy is the most promising means of lowering utility costs, achieving energy independence and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

For solar providers, Geostellar reduces the substantial cost of customer acquisition. Solar financing and installation companies can target specific customers based on solar energy production potential, demographics, location and investment risk.

Corporations, non-profits and associations can use Geostellar to create and manage bulk-purchasing solar programs for employees and members.

Business Highlights

  • 1 meter resolution solar energy simulation models
  • Defensible intellectual property (big-data geomatics)
  • Industry backing from NRG Energy, SolarCity, CEFIA, Admirals Bank and many installers

Use of Funds


  • SALES & MARKETING 500000

Risks & Mitigants



Competition (Medium) High barriers to entry, vast stores of proprietary data, hard to replicate
Regulatory (Very Low) Conforming to local, state and national regulations
Operations (Low) Experienced team, proven track record
Technical (Low) Lean methodology, industry standards
Funding Needs (Medium) Raising sufficient capital for operations
Other (High) Resolve dispute with imagery vendor


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David Levine



David Levine

Founder & CEO

David Levine is the founding CEO of Geostellar, the leading solar energy marketplace. From 2006 to 2010, David served in senior executive capacities with geospatial analytics companies Lanworth, Sewall, and ImageTree. David worked in the public sector directing technology-based economic development for the Governor Manchin administration in West Virginia and served as Executive Director of the National Technology Transfer Center. Between 1992 and 2005, David founded Gamebryo (formerly Butterfly.net), a video game technology company, Ultraprise Corporation, a loan exchange platform, and HuskyLabs, the world's first Web design and Internet integration firm. Mr. Levine presented at the First International Conference on the World Wide Web at CERN Particle Physics Lab, received a patent for a whole loan exchange, and wrote Live Java: Database to Cyberspace in 1995. Mr. Levine graduated from Yale University in Philosophy, was a poetry fellow at University of Michigan and led the DC post-punk band Senator Flux.

Breighton Dawe

Chief Technology Officer

Breighton Dawe is the founding CTO of Geostellar, the leading solar energy marketplace. Previous to Geostellar, Breighton contracted on a wide variety of projects such as geospatial simulations, video game technologies, enterprise software and mobile apps. Breighton served as the Chief Architect for Gamebryo (originally Butterfly.net), a massively-multiplayer video game platform that spanned consoles, PCs and mobile devices. At Atari, Breighton led the team that developed the first online multiplayer game universe called CyberPark. He continued development through acquisitions by AT&T and AOL. As a Senior Staff Programmer at Atari, Breighton developed several popular arcade games such as Paperboy, iRobot, Hard Drivin' and Cloak and Dagger, as well as many PC games. Breighton's audio music and sound processing system was deployed in most Atari games. Breighton began his career with a military contractor developing heads-up-displays and flight simulators for the Air Force.

Mike Rhodes

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Rhodes is the Chief Financial Officer for Geostellar, the leading solar energy marketplace. Previously, Mike served as CFO for Crystal Media Networks, commercial radio advertising firm and technology company, a portfolio company of MCG Capital. Mike worked closely with the CEO to grow revenues 50% and profitability 120% over four years. As an MCG Capital Corporation Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Mike led turnarounds, evaluated business opportunities and closed transactions for the billion dollar market cap (NASDAQ: MCGC) company. Prior to MCG, Mike worked as a Vice President and Investment Officer for two venture capital funds, CI Venture Partners and Global Partner Ventures, where he prepared business plans, raised capital, closed investments, managed turnarounds, performed due diligence and served as Director on several portfolio company boards. Mike began his career at Hamilton Standard, a division of United Technologies, where he served as a finance manager, compliance auditor and analyst.